Wednesday, 15 June 2016

What is the best scanner

What is the best scanner out there? Short answer – your smartphone.
It is unlikely that you will find yourself in need of scanning large quantities of documents, and in most cases your smartphone is more than adequate is you only need to scan an occasional document. The better the camera, the better the scanner you have. After all, traditional scanners are just bespoke cameras, with built in light source.
We always seek to simplify our own work, and always on the lookout for better tools that will help us with document scanning. Below you will see our up to date list of products we like the best.

For iOS

Scannable. This app has only the features needed for document scanning. It does not offer anything that is not needed. And it has most simple and intuitive interface.

For Android

Cam Scanner. This app has been our long-time favourite for Android and iOS when we needed more advanced features.

For photograph scanning

If you care about quality, we suggest sticking with the software that came with your scanner. This way you can get best possible quality scan of your photographs and then to post processing in Photoshop or similar software.

For slide scanning

You will want to stick with the software that came with your scanner. Slide scanners do vary in their hardware and we have not yet seen a program that could handle them all.

For low volume document scanning

If you run a small flatbed scanner in your office, or home, the software that comes with it might be sufficient. If you not fully satisfied with the software, you might want to try NAPS2. We found it to be the straightest forward document scanning software.

For high volume document scanning

Bespoke software tools will be your best bet here. Hardware manufacturers do include software for their high volume scanners. Some of that software is fairly advance, and offer many features. As your volumes increase those advanced features might actually get in your way if you do a lot of processing. Our approach was to scan documents as-fast-as-possible and do post processing as a separate task, so our scanners do no sit idle. This is where planning in advance pays off in the long run.

For large format medium to high volume scanning

This is where you most likely will be locked to the software that came with your hardware. If you are planning to purchase large format scanner, we recommend checking out Colortrack scanners. Software that comes with them (Scanworks) does offer great flexibility for large volume scanning.