Document scanning Services

Simplified document scanning services are our core competence. If you looking to scan documents up to A3 in size to JPEG, PDF or TIFF format and can post them directly to us, place scanning order today. Review our pricing and check volume estimation guide to find out what this will cost you.

Documents larger than A3 or smaller than A5, or photos do not fall into our standard pricing structure. Please advise us on the quantity of such documents so we can give you accurate pricing.

Our standard pricing includes secure destruction of your documents if you choose to do so.

Data capture and OCR

When you already have your documents scanned or want to add extra layer of flexibility we can offer data capture and optical character recognition services.

Quality assurance

If you already have someone scanning documents for you, you need to ensure the quality is up to your standards. We can provide third party unbiased quality checking and report back to you or your vendor any irregularities we find. Read more about our quality assurance offer.

Archived document access

Store and access all your document online with our online storage service. Either if they are scanned by Scanning Geeks, yourself or a third party. Find out more about our archived document access service.


We understand that sometimes you need to scan documents in house. We can help you with this process along the way. Please refer to our consultancy page for more details.