About Us

Scanning Geeks is a specialist document scanning and digitisation based in Oxfordshire, providing documents scanning services to clients in the UK.


Our services include:

  • Document preparation, scanning and indexing
  • Document shredding
  • Consultancy related to document scanning and archiving projects

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If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help you, please get in touch.

Clients and customers

Our clients and customers include small businesses, legal practices, nursing practices, private healthcare clinics and individuals. We helped a number of companies and individuals to cut down on their paperwork and storage by digitising and indexing their documents. We provide our pricing beforehand and focus on simple digitisation process. If required, we can provide tailored services.

Scanning expertise

Our core competences lie in document digitisation process, scanning hardware, process automation and document management. We provide consultancy services for companies working on scanning or archiving projects.


Scanning Geeks was created by two Oxford Brookes University alumni as part time job to support their living expenses. It quickly grew into a small company and full time business.

Currently Scanning Geeks is not registered with Companies House UK. Services are contracted on consultancy basis, and we are not VAT registered company.

We opted out from running offices, sales and management teams and spending on overheads. Therefore, we can offer better deal for someone who want straight forward service without any complications. It does not mean that we cannot be flexible and tailor our services to your needs. Contact us today if you have specific enquiry.